Mission Statement

The mission of the Senior Resource Center is to serve, support, assist, and advocate for the older adults of Sawyer County and their caregivers to help them achieve active, fulfilled, independent, and healthy lives.

The Senior Resource Center and GWaar

The Senior Resource Center in Hayward is affiliated with GWaar, one of three regional agencies on aging in Wisconsin that administer federal and state resources for the development of programs and services for older adults. The mission of the GWaar is to affect positive change in the quality , efficiency and effectiveness of county and tribal aging units in order to preserve and enhance the quality of life of older adults in Northern Wisconsin. The programs of the Senior Resource Center are designed to achieve this mission.

Both the Senior Resource Center and GWaar are governed by the Older Americans Act and the Wisconsin Elders Act. To meet the diverse needs of the growing numbers of older persons in the United States, President Lyndon Johnson on August 14, 1965, signed into law the Older Americans Act (OAA). The OAA set out specific objectives for maintaining the dignity and welfare of older individuals and created the primary vehicle for organizing, coordinating, and providing community-based services and opportunities for older Americans and their families.

If you would like to learn more about GWaar or the Older Americans Act, please visit GWaar's website:

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